Class Schedule

O: online, X: resident, Contact: contact your advisor for detail


Graduate offered by MDR FA 23 SP 24 Maymester SU 24 - I SU 24 - II
MDSE 5090. Digital Merchandising X X      
MDSE 5240. Global Retailing         O
CMHT 5300. Research Methods X(night) X(night)      
MDSE 5330 Consumer Analytics and Data Visualization X        
CMHT 5350. Contemporary Issues & Trends X(night)        
CMHT 5400. Research Applications X(night)        
CMHT 5440. Consumer Theory O        
CMHT 5460. Human Capital Development          
MDSE 5500. Merchandising Strategies O O      
CMHT 5500. Big Data in SNA X(night)        
CMHT 5550. Promotional Strategies       O  
MDSE 5560. Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising O O     O
CMHT 5600. Managing Customer Experiences   O      
MDSE 5650. International Sourcing          
MDSE 5660 Advanced Merchandising Applications X X      
CMHT 5700. Service Excellence   O      
MDSE 5710. Digital Optimization   O      
MDSE 5750. Digital Retailing O        
MDSE 5770. Digital Channel Strategies X(night)        
CMHT 5800. Seminar in Leadership   X      
CMHT 5830. Legal Aspects          
CMHT 6600. Network Analysis and Visualization   X(night)      
MDSE 5790. Field Experience (It can be offered any semester) Contact Contact   Contact Contact
CMHT 5810. Teaching Practicum in M&HM Contact Contact   Contact Contact
MDSE 5910 Special Problems Contact Contact   Contact Contact
MDSE 5920. Problem in Lieu of Thesis (3hr) Contact Contact   Contact Contact
MDSE 5950. Thesis (6 hrs)(continuous enrollment once enrolled) Contact Contact   Contact Contact
CMHT 5000. Merchandising & Hospitality Study Tour     NYC, Silicone Valley, Europe