Merchandising and Digital Retailing

The Department of Merchandising & Digital Retailing is home to the largest Merchandising program in the nation, the only Digital Retailing B.S. and, as of February 2018, the first consumer experience management degree. It develops talents for careers in the trend-driven, global retail marketplace.

Merchandising and Digital Retailing (MDR) offers unique program that prepares the students for the dynamic fashion and retail industry. With strong industry connection, engaged faculty and innovative curricula, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading programs in the United States. With the unique curricular that integrates retailing, digital retailing, and merchandising, 90% of the graduates of the MDR program secures a job position in the related field.

90% of graduates are
employed in the field

70% of the graduates
complete paid internship

1st & best Digital Retailing
program in the U.S.

5 different study
tours offered

How are the students prepared?

Internships: Students need to complete a required internship that prepares them to further their career within the field upon graduation.

Annual Events: Professional development events such as the annual Merchandising Career Expo, Consumer Experience Symposium and Executive+ Scholar series bring recruiters from major retail, fashion, home furnishings and e-commerce companies to broaden the

Student organizations: MDR Students also have the opportunity to participate in Merchandising Inc., and the National Retailing Federation Student Association. Both organizations help students establish industry contacts and enhance their professional development and are open to any major in the department.

Scholarships: To recognize students’ scholastic achievements, scholarships are available to MDR majors. They are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, articulation of professional goals, and, for some scholarships, financial need.

Study Tours: Students gain global experience through study tours organized to broaden their perspectives on global supply chain and global retailing industry. MDR offers study tours to Hong Kong/China, Europe, New York, Dallas and Silicon Valley