The Club

The Club Hours

Fall 2021 Season: February 15th – April 28th, seating times 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. For a limited time each semester, The Club opens to the public for lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Club is closed on Monday and Friday.


Carryout is also available upon request. For reservations or more information:

Call: 940-565-4144


Menu featuring vegetarian options, club burger, and entree salads always available. Children's meals are available upon prior request.


Meals are $13.00 inclusive (weekly features include first course, entrée, dessert, and beverage). A season ticket book of 9 tickets can be purchased for $100, a discount of $2.00 per ticket. Please Email or call 940-565-4144 for reservations or more information.

NOTE: We have premium Prices on the menu for the following dates: March 2nd, March 29th, March 30th, and April 13th. An additional $5.00 will be added to the menu price on those dates.

April 12th is Guest Chef Day. Guest Chef day pricing is two season tickets or $20.

About the Club

The Club at Gateway Center is an integral part of the educational experience for the Hospitality Management program. The restaurant is a showcase training laboratory for students enrolled in two restaurant operations courses.

In these courses, students learn how to run a successful restaurant. They practice fine dining service techniques, management skills, menu planning, financial management, marketing techniques, and food production. The original Club at College Inn successfully operated for 14 years. In the fall of 2001, the Hospitality Management Program relocated to the Club at Gateway Center. It is a premier learning environment for students and a delightful experience for guests.


Guest Chef

Each semester the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism invites a local chef to visit the Club. Students are given the opportunity to work alongside a culinary master preparing an exquisite luncheon Menu. Guest Chef Day is the most popular day of the semester and is always a sold-out event! 

If you are a professional chef and are interested in volunteering your time, please e-mail us at


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Luncheon at 11:30 am
Guest Chef day pricing is two season tickets or $20;

Robby Hooker CEC, CCE, MBA


Chef Robby Hooker is a Texas native who has had a lifelong passion for food and people. He is the Director of Culinary Innovation for Chrane Foodservice Solutions in Irving TX. Chef Hooker began his career in 1990 and has had the opportunity to work in various facilities which include hotels, free-standing restaurants, resorts, convention center, campus dining, K-12, private catering, PBS cooking shows, corporate dining, culinary art universities, NFL stadium foodservice settings, and the James Beard House. Robby received his AOS in Culinary Arts along with his BS in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, SC, and his MBA in Hospitality Management from South University in Savannah, GA. Robby started cooking at an early age. He loves cooking and is able to create custom flavor profiles using classic cooking techniques he has learned throughout his career. Robby is able to create experiences for his guests that are comfortable, fun, and unforgettable. He loves connecting with people and making them happy while exceeding their expectations. He met his wife in culinary school so yes, she is also a Chef and they are the owners of By Two Chefs where they create custom culinary experiences for their guests.

Guest Chef Menu

Israeli Hummus served with Tabbouleh, Tehina Beet Salad, and Pita Bread.

Main Course
Pomegranate Molasse Glazed Lamb with Persian Wedding Rice and Moroccan Carrots

Vegetarian Main Course
Charred Eggplant Salad with Persian Wedding Rice and Moroccan Carrots

Tehina Semi-Freddo with a Cashew Lace Wafer