M.S. in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics

The MS in Merchandising and Consumer Analytics is a STEM designated program designed to meet the growing need for consumer and retail analytics in the industry and help current and future industry professionals re-tool and learn industry relevant skills.

The program provides a 100% online, accelerated option and a face-to-face option- the program can be completed in one year by taking 10 courses in 5,8, and 16 week terms, or you can spread the program requirements over two year.

Program Educational Objectives:

  • Analyze the interaction of consumer decision making process and understand how data can be utilized to enhance their overall experience.
  • Apply appropriate research methodologies, analytical techniques, and statistical knowledge in proposing a solution to a problem
  • Design optimal consumer experience through product sourcing, pricing, and assortment
  • Apply theories and best practices of information/knowledge management to current market needs.


Expected time to earning a degree:

The program provides a 100% online, accelerated option and a face-to-face option- the program can be completed in one year by taking 10 courses in 5,8, and 16 week terms, or you can spread the program requirements over two year. If you choose the accelerated 100% online format, students will be able to finish the program in a year or less (dependent on approved course load)



  • ADTA 5130 Data Analytics 1
  • CMHT 5200 Mixed Methods for Consumer Market
  • ADTA 5230 Data Analytics 2
  • MDSE 5240 Global Retailing  
  • MDSE 5330 Consumer Analytics and Data Visualization
  • CMHT 5440 Consumer Theory
  • MDSE 5500 Merchandising Strategies 
  • MDSE 5550 Promotional Strategies  
  • MDSE 5570 Merchandising Analytics for Retail Buying Strategies  
  • MDSE 5770 Digital Strategies  
  • MDSE 5800 Social Media Analytics: Data Visualization and Insights 
  • MDSE 5960 Consumer Insights Using Data Analytics 




  • Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Development Managers

Top Companies with such job postings: Walmart, Lowes, Dell, CVS Health, Dell Technologies, Auto Zone, Walgreens, Dollar General (The LightCast report was pulled for the State of Texas.)



Admission Requirements:

Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School and the Merchandising program.

  • The requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and an expected 3.00 GPA in the undergraduate degree. Contact the MDR Graduate Coordinator (mdrgrad@unt.edu) if you have questions about a GPA below 3.0.
  • Go to UNT Graduate Admissions for detailed admission requirements from UNT
  • GMAT/GRE scores are NOT required at this point

Application Steps:

Admission Requirements:
  • Complete the Apply Texas application with the application fee ($75 non-refundable) paid. Select “Merchandising, MS” as your major.
  • You will receive an email in 1-2 business days to provide you access to your UNT student portal.
  • Login to your UNT student portal to check and complete your to-do list.
    • Transcripts
    • Resume
    • Contact information of three references Provide your references’ affiliation, relationship to you, and contact details in a Word document. Letter is not required. Your references may be contacted if needed.
      These three individuals should not be related to you. Current or former employers or faculty are preferred. Please ask them ahead of time if they are willing to serve as your references.
    • Statement of Purpose This is the applicant's opportunity to address why they are seeking to obtain the graduate degree. In this statement, the applicant is asked to provide the following. Your statement of purpose should not exceed 2 pages, with 1" margins and a 12-point font.
        • Name:
        • UNT ID if known:
        • UNT ID if known:
        • Year start date:

      In your Statement of Purpose, the following can be addressed:

      • Identify and describe your undergraduate degree. Provide an overview of primary content and any specializations, minors or certificates you also earned.
      • Describe your prior and/or current work experience; specifically, work experience related to retail merchandising, consumer analytics, or other similar positions - including paid or unpaid internships.
      • Identify scholarships, awards or recognitions earned, especially ones related to your educational or professional career.
      • Identify your professional goals. How will the graduate degree help you achieve these goals?
      • Is your primary objective to work in a professional business or entrepreneur position or is to pursue a position in higher education (community college or four-year institution)?
      • Provide any additional information you would like to share for the application review.
  • Wait for the holistic review and decision! Contact mdrgrad@unt.edu for any questions.


Kiseol Yang, Ph.D.

Professor & MDR Graduate Coordinator


Submit your degree plan to your academic advisor at the start of your second semester. Use the Degree Plan form below. You can later modify your degree plan using the Modification Form