M.S. in Merchandising

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Students earning a Master of Science degree in Merchandising prepares students to become leaders in the global industry as well as scholars in higher education

The Master of Science degree in merchandising offers flexibility to the student by offering an integrated program of study that prepares students to solve complex problems, create new opportunities in competitive markets, and to understand components that support successful consumer-driven businesses, focusing on the management of products, services, and experiences in a consumer-driven global market. Graduate coursework in research methods, research applications, merchandising strategies, international sourcing, and consumer theory prepare students for careers in industry or higher education.

The Master of Science in merchandising offers two tracks, Professional and Research. The Master of Science in merchandising with 30 hours, is a Professional track, and is targeted toward industry professionals of today and tomorrow.  The program prepares global leaders who are competent in industry-specific processes, ethics and sustainability, business strategy, technology applications, and data analytics.

The Master of Science in merchandising with 33 hours, is a Research track that prepares students for careers in research and teaching.  Through independent study and faculty mentorship, student apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve industry problems. The program culminates in the preparation of a thesis. 

Program Objectives & Market Skills

Program Learning Objectives

Upon graduating with a Master of Science in Merchandising, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate, apply, and assess knowledge of theoretical constructs pertaining to the retail industry.
  • Demonstrate the principles of critical thinking and decision-making when evaluating complex issues within the merchandising arena.
  • Identify technical aspects of the retail industry.
  • Apply the processes involved in merchandising/retailing/digital retailing research.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, communication, and leadership skills needed for (1) managerial positions in the retail industry, and/or (2) advancement toward a terminal degree.

Marketable Skills for MS in Merchandising

  • Advance merchandising knowledge
  • Application of appropriate research methods
  • Analyze/synthesize information from sources
  • Merchandising/Digital Retailing/Retail strategic planning
  • Evaluate growth/competitive strategies

Jiyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & MDR Graduate Coordinator