Bachelor of Science in Consumer Experience Management

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Consumer Experience Management (CEXM) at UNT examines the total consumer journey across the arc of the customer’s expectations, engagements, and experiences with consumer brands, products, and services and the businesses that offer them. Consumer experience (CX) represents the customer’s dynamic path to purchase. The value of CX is created by producing innovative solutions to meet consumers’ needs and wants, assigning profitable relevancy to customer efficiencies and satisfaction, understanding the singular consumer’s end-to-end journey, identifying relevant touchpoints in the path-to-purchase, and building consistency across all CX outcomes. CX has emerged as one of the most important differentiators for success in consumer-facing enterprises.

Food, beverage, apparel, home, fashion, entertainment, media, travel, tourism, beauty, health and wellness, automotive, sporting, media, and electronics are just a few of the exciting consumer product and service industries seeking graduates of this flexible degree program. Students in Consumer Experience Management may select either one or two interdisciplinary concentrations ranging from 15 to 33 hours each that reflect their personal career interests.

Consumer Experience Management (CEXM)prepares students for unique careers that are directly aligned with consumer marketplace interactions:

  • Consumer Experience Directors
  • Strategy Managers
  • Digital Consumer Experience Managers
  • Directors of Immersive Consumer Experiences
  • Experience Design Managers
  • Digital Consumer Solutions Managers
  • Directors of Consumer Insights
  • Consumer Analysts