M.S. in International Sustainable Tourism (MIST)

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Interested in saving the planet through preserving tourism destinations? Well, this degree is for you!

Sustainable tourism strives to meet the needs of the present tourist market without compromising the resources of future generations. This leading-edge tourism specialty balances environmental, economic, and socio-cultural benefits and concerns.

Our MIST program provides you with unique opportunities such as:

  •     Analysis of sustainable tourism
  •     Hospitality applications of sustainable tourism
  •     Operational and policy perspectives of sustainable tourism
  •     International instruction from industry experts and experienced researchers

The course work will prepare you for management and leadership positions in the international sustainable tourism industry or advancement toward a doctoral degree. You will gain insight and experience from policy and operational perspectives, including comprehensive knowledge of hospitality management.

Birendra KC, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & MIST Graduate Coordinator