Consumer Experience Management

As of 2018, CMHT offers the first ever Consumer Experience Management B.S. The program prepares graduates for a new standard in meeting customer’s expectations and engagement with products and services through the use of data analytics and digital applications that offer insights and strategies for differentiated consumer experiences. Students in Consumer Experience Management may select either one or two interdisciplinary concentrations ranging from 15 to 33 hours each that reflect their personal career interests and to complete degree requirements.

Digital Retailing

Our digital retailing program is a unique program among U.S. universities. It is an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on e-commerce merchandising processes. Through innovative course work, you develop skills in merchandising processes, marketing, consumer segments and design architecture.

Home Furnishings Merchandising

The Bachelor of Science with a major in home furnishings merchandising teaches you how to apply merchandising strategies in a consumer-driven global market and to understand the growing industry phenomenon of brand extension across apparel and home furnishings products.

Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of Science with a major in hospitality management gives you a solid academic education combined with extensive training in hospitality business skills, using the best modern technology. You can also gain insight into the industry through field trips, attending special lectures and meeting executives in our executive-in-residence program.


As a student pursuing the Bachelor of Science with a major in merchandising, you become skilled in consumer studies, textiles, fashion theory, trend analysis, brand development, and promotion. This curriculum was developed in consultation with leaders of the Dallas-Fort Worth retail industry to give you the essential skills for the job market.


Retailing is a critical, vibrant global industry experiencing unprecedented change. This paradigm shift requires a workforce with advanced degrees, skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of a globally competitive, complex, and consumer-driven industry. Over 28 million -or one of every four U.S. jobs — is in retail. Retailing encompasses analyzing retail business strategies, managing retail store operations, and buying for retail merchandise in an Omni-channel retail environment.