Bachelor of Science in Digital Retailing

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The Digital Retailing program at UNT is unique among U.S. universities. The program prepares students to understand the unique characteristics of the digital and brick-and-mortar formats and how to leverage omnichannel experiences.

By taking courses in design architecture, social media, digital retailing analytics, consumer behavior, buying, sourcing, and logistics, students learn marketable skills that can be leveraged across many product categories. Competencies in diversity, research methods, technology applications, consumer theory, and omnichannel strategies and make graduates of the digital retailing program ready to lead a 21st century workforce.

Graduates of the program pursue careers as:

  • E-commerce managers
  • E-commerce merchandisers
  • Web analytics specialists
  • Forecasting and planning specialists
  • Usability and A/B testing specialists
  • Search engine optimization/search engine marketing managers
  • Project managers
  • Social media managers