MIST Funding

Students in the MIST program have various opportunities for seeking financial support and competitive awards. In Year 1 at UNT, students may apply for competitive academic scholarships and student assistant positions.  An award of an academic scholarship of $1000.00 or offered a student assistant position of 20 hours a week will quality the student for an out-of-state tuition waiver for Year 1 at UNT.

Funding in Year 1: 

Funding in Year 2: 

  • Students who are eligible for FASA can still apply in year 2. 
  • Students can still apply for CMHT academic scholarships to be applied in year 2.  This does not waive any costs on course fees during year 2 at CATIE.
  • Cost of attendance is based on costs specific to living at CATIE and enrollment in the MIST program while at CATIE.  Contact the Graduate Coordinator for specific information regarding year 2.