MIST - Apply

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School and the MIST program.  Included in these requirements for the holistic application review are:

  • The requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and an expected 3.00 GPA in the undergraduate degree *  Go to UNT Graduate Admissions for the link to the online application and directions on transcript submission.
  • Resume submitted to mist@unt.edu ;
  • Statement of purpose submitted to mist@unt.edu ;
  • Three recommendations. You will need the email addresses of three individuals who are not related to you and who are willing to provide a reference for you. Current or former employers or faculty are preferred.  Please ask them ahead of time if they are willing to provide a reference for you. After they agree, you will need one email address from each individual. Use the link below to submit each reference request.  The System will send a link to the email of the reference; they will then complete the form and submit it.  Both the student applicant and the reference will receive confirmation of the submission.   CMHT Graduate Reference Form
  • An oral interview (Zoom, phone or office) with Dr. Birendra KC, MIST Graduate Coordinator and/or Dr. Eliecer Vargas, CATIE MIST Coordinator.

International Students should refer to UNT International Admissions  for application deadlines, English Proficiency requirements and details for submitting transcripts. 

*Contact the HTM Graduate Coordinator if you have questions about a GPA below 3.0.

Applications are reviewed after receiving all required information from the Toulouse Graduate School as well as your resume, statement of purpose, and all three recommendations. The holistic review also includes evaluation of undergraduate coursework to determine any possible prerequisite courses that may be required before beginning the graduate program.

Summary of steps for the application process:

  1. Complete the Apply Texas application with application fee paid.
  2. Submit transcripts for all college courses taken.
  3. Submit English Proficiency and other required documents as required for International applicants.
  4. Submit resume and statement of purpose to Department Coordinator.
  5. Confirm that three recommendations have been submitted to department.
  6. Schedule a phone, SKYPE or office appointment with Dr. Kennon and/or Dr. Vargas.

Facts related to MIST:

  • This is a cohort-based program with a new cohort starting each fall semester at UNT.
  • This is a full time resident based program:  on campus at UNT year 1 and on campus at CATIE year 2.
  • There are UNT/CMHT competitive academic scholarships that can applied for in both year 1 and year 2.
  • In Year 2, you will be an international student in Costa Rica while attending CATIE.