Digital Retailing

Are you fascinated by technology and its usage in the retail industry? Do you want to be part of the fastest-growing sector in the retail industry as a web analytics specialist, forecasting and planning analyst or e-commerce merchandiser? In the Digital Retailing program we offer the following degree options:

Bachelor of Science in Digital Retailing

A bachelor’s degree in Digital Retailing can help prepare you for many positions, including e-commerce merchandiser, web analytics specialist, forecasting and planning specialist, search engine optimization/search engine marketing manager, and social media marketing manager.

Master of Science in Merchandising

You can pursue a graduate degree in Merchandising that prepares students for leaders in the retail and merchandising industries as well as researcher in higher education. At the graduate level, we offer courses such as Digital Optimization, Digital Retailing Strategies, Digital Channel Strategies, and Virtual Merchandising to strengthen the students' digital skillset.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Retail Merchandising

This 12-hour graduate certificate will provide access to the knowledge, experiences, critical analysis and research skills in the area of digital retailing.