CMHT Career Expo

The CMHT Career Expo combines all 5 majors in CMHT into a day of recruiting to fill your part-time, full-time, and internship position vacancies. Our 5 majors include Merchandising (Fashion or Home and Decor), Digital Retailing, Consumer Experience Management, Hospitality Management, and Event Design & Experience Management. Our Expo features the career expo itself, a student networking luncheon, and interview sessions. Choose your sponsorship level based on how you would like to have to interact with our students. See details below.

**Because our majors must work and intern within the retail (merchandising, ecommerce, consumer experience) or hospitality/event industries as part of their graduation requirements, we must require all employers at the CMHT Career Expo to also be within these industries.**


Spring 2024 Career Expo Events

Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024, University Union

10:00a-1:00p – CMHT Career Expo (Employer Check-In and Table Set Up 8:00a-10:00a) - Pearl Sponsorship & Above

1:00p-2:00p – Luncheon with Students (Limited Availability - first come, first serve - one company per table with up to 2 representatives) - Emerald Sponsorship & Above

2:00p-4:00p – Individual Interviews with Invited Students at Employer Expo Table (15-30 minutes each) – Available to those who would like to stay and conduct interviews on-site after the Expo.





Shirley Agustin, MBA, CMP

Dee Wilson, M.Ed.

Career Development Specialist
(940) 565-4293