Professional Track (Resident)

Degree Requirements: Students must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours.

Required Courses (9 hours):
  CMHT 5460 Or
CMHT 5350
Human Capital Development (R)
Issues & Trends (R)
3 hours
  HMGT 5590 Or
CMHT 5400 Or
ANTH 5032 Or
JOUR 5250
Hospitality and Tourism Data Analytics (R)
Research Applications (R)
Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods for Non-Majors (O)
Qualitative Research (R)
(or other Approved Research Methodology Course)
3 hours
  HMGT 5860 Strategic Management in HM (O) 3 hours
Content Courses: Select 9-21 hours
  HMGT 5250 Restaurant Development 3 hours
  HMGT 5280 Hotel and Restaurant Operations 3 hours
  HMGT 5530 International Sustainable Tourism 3 hours
  HMGT 5540 Tourism Services Mgmt and Mktg 3 hours
  HMGT 5520 Global Tourism 3 hours
  HMGT 5560 Planning and Policy in Sustainable Tourism 3 hours
  HMGT 5585 SMART Destinations 3 hours
  HMGT 5630 Advanced Convention and Event Mgmt. 3 hours
  CMHT 5100 Intro to Research in Merch & Hospitality Mgmt 3 hours
  CMHT 5300 Research Methods 3 hours
  CMHT 5440 Consumer Theory 3 hours
  CMHT 5550 Promotional Strategies 3 hours
  CMHT 5600 Managing Customer Experiences 3 hours
  CMHT 5700 Service Excellence 3 hours
  CMHT 5810 Teaching Practicum in M&HM 3 hours
  CMHT 5830 Legal & Regulatory Aspect 3 hours
  CMHT 6500 Big data implementation in social network analysis 3 hours
  HMGT 5790 Field Experience 3 hours
  HMGT 5900-5910 Special Problems 3 hours
  HMGT 5920 Problem in Lieu of Thesis 3 hours
Dual Numbered Courses. May select up to 6 hours
  CMHT 5000 Global Discovery in Merchandising and Hospitality Management 3 hours
  HMGT 5200 Survey of Beverages 3 hours
  HMGT 5210 Cost Controls 3 hours
  HMGT 5260 Hospitality Business Strategies 3 hours
  HMGT 5480 Hospitality Industry Finance 3 hours
  HMGT 5820 Facilities Planning 3 hours
May select up to 6 hours outside Hospitality Management (courses from other departments)

Dual numbered classes cannot be repeated if taken for undergraduate degree credit or leveling for graduate degree. With permission, students may transfer up to nine (9) approved accredited graduate hours. Students have a total of five years to complete the Masters of Science degree.  The five-year rule begins with the earliest date of any transferred graduate hours applied to the UNT degree.  Graduate students must secure written permission from the graduate dean before registering for any course or courses at another institution while registered for any courses at UNT.

**Specific admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are in the UNT Graduate Catalog.