​Are you interested in fashion, product development or retail? Do you want a career with international opportunities in fashion- oriented industries as a buyer, product developer, or a merchandiser? In the Merchandising program we offer the following degree options:

Bachelor of Science in Merchandising

A bachelor’s degree can help prepare you for many positions, including merchandiser, buyer for retail brands, product developer, brand manager, store analyst, and visual merchandiser.

Minor in Merchandising

You can minor in Merchandising and earn necessary knowledge to apply the core principles of merchandising in your major field.

Grad Track Pathways - Merchandising

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn both the BS and MS degree in a shorter time period at less cost than earning both degrees separately.​

Master of Science in Merchandising

You can pursue a graduate degree in Merchandising that prepares students for leaders in the retail and merchandising industries as well as researcher in higher education.