Graduate Certificate in Event and Tourism Management

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Meet the Graduate Coordinator

Event and Tourism Management/Event Management:

What is a graduate certificate? 
The College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism offers three 12-hour graduate certificates which will provide access to the knowledge, experiences, research skills, and critical analysis offered at the graduate level. In addition, the certificates will provide the recipients with credible documentation of the body of knowledge that they have gained at the University of North Texas.

Who is suited for a graduate certificate?

  • Students who may not be able to or interested in completing a 36-hour degree program.
  • Working professionals with time and place constraints who need some re-tooling and updating in their fields.
  • Company-supported employees who seek advanced education to meet professional development requirements for periodic reviews and/or promotion.

What are the benefits of a graduate certificate?
The graduate certificate program will provide the following benefits:

  • Understand the complexities of two diverse and growing sectors of international commerce: hospitality industries.
  • Develop tools that will assist in the complexities of event management in either the merchandising or hospitality area.
  • Develop skills in critical analysis of data and information resources that are used in decision making.
  • Examine hospitality management strategies that build service, product, and profit capabilities of a business.
  • Interpret current trends in hospitality industries with application to specific company objectives within the industry.
  • Examine the impact of technology on consumer demand, company growth, and resource management in hospitality industries.
  • Propose solutions to merchandising/hospitality issues and concerns in the areas of product development, service, and/or resource management.
  • Evaluate performance of hospitality businesses in areas of service, product, technology, and/or resource management.
  • The competencies gained may enhance career potential and professional development.

What is the delivery format?
Certificates are offered primarily as 100% online via Blackboard. The distributed learning format may have high appeal to the working professionals who may be limited by time or geographic location. A few select resident graduate classes are scheduled in evenings to meet the needs of nontraditional students.

Will a graduate certificate count toward a graduate degree?
Certificate students who choose to continue in a degree program are required to meet all the requirements of students seeking a degree in the College. Satisfactory work on graduate courses for the certificate may be applied in a degree program upon advisement of the graduate program coordinator, department chair, and student’s major professor (selected if pursuing an M.S. degree).