Need Assistance at Home?​

  • CMHT IT technical support office will be open 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. 
  • Email: 
    Phone: 940-565-4227

CMHT Remote access resources: 

Resource Access to Software Notes
UNT Email No VPN required
OneDrive No VPN required
Teams No VPN required
SharePoint No VPN required
CMHT S-Drive Faculty Resources Only Full time CMHT Faculty and Staff has access
Zoom - No VPN required
- Students and Faculty can also access zoom inside canvas class
Adobe CC Download Instructions Free for all UNT students to download on home device
Canvas No VPN required
Tableau CMHT Virtual Lab
SPSS - CMHT Virtual Lab
- Virtual Statistics Lab
- Download for home device
SPSS is available for students to download on the home devices.
Submit a ticket and the license information will be sent to you.
Magento CMHT Virtual Lab DRTL 2080, DRTL 4090 (Instructor will provide signup instructions)
OpenCart CMHT Virtual Lab DRTL 2080 (Instructor will provide signup instructions)
SmartDraw RETL 4880, HMGT 4820 students have accounts provisioned
LiquiFire OS DRTL 4090 - (Instructor will provide signup instructions)
RevSim HMGT 4490 - students have accounts provisioned
Tinkercad Free for all users
UNT VPN VPN Instructions To access campus restricted resources

UNT COVID-19 Resources