International Hospitality Meets UNT Study Abroad
Dec 13, 2012

University of North Texas Hospitality and Tourism Management faculty gear up to teach study abroad courses across three continents in the next year.  Students from a variety of programs will travel to Australia, Italy, and China all in the month of May 2013.

University Distinguished Teaching Professor, Dr. Richard Tas, and Chair of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Dr. Lea Dopson, will travel with UNT students to Sydney, Adelaide, and Cairns, Australia. Faculty and students will discover the tastes of the land down under through visits to vineyards and breweries. The course will focus on Australian Wine and Beer Appreciation. When they return, students will have expanded their beverage knowledge and pallet to better appreciate different flavors of the world.

Chef Jodi Duryea will travel to Italy with students as well. Their experience will take them from Rome to Sorrento to Naples, and then Pompeii. Students will focus on Italian cuisine and will immerse themselves in the cultures of ancient Rome, the Vatican, and all things Italian. They plan to have cooking courses, tastings, a four-star hotel site tour and many walking tours and lectures that enrich the study abroad experience.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Zheng (Phil) Xiang, will also lead students across the Pacific to China. Their course, Consumer Experience Studies is a study tour that incorporates a number of topics with a focus on consumer experiences within a global tourism context. Students enrolled in this class will travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing with opportunities to engage with the industry and visit cultural/ historical sites, including the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong, the Bund in Shanghai, and Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall in Beijing. They will gain an in-depth understanding of tourism activities and their impact on culture, society, economy, and environment within an international context.  These study abroad opportunities will give students an international perspective to prepare for the global hospitality industry they will enter after graduation. 

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